The Ultimate Off Grid Camper


Base Model Harker. What's Included and Basic Specs:

Hard-sided Camper with carpeted walls, ceiling, and sleep platform.
Lift-away sleep platform measuring 90” x 58”
Diamond Ripstop Durable Water Repellant (DWR) Treated Tent and Tailgate Annex
Removable Rear Hatch with Lift Struts
L-Track Exterior Gear Mounting System. Top and Bottom L-Track Rail on Both Sides of Camper
Weight: 300 lbs
Tacoma/Colorado Harker sits 32" above the top of the truck bedside
Gladiator, Frontier, and Ranger Camper sits 34" above the top of the truck bedside
See "EDC Estimate" page for details about optional equipment.

Will it fit my Truck?

Harker EDC is available for most major truck models:
Jeep Gladiator
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tundra
Ford Ranger
Ford F-150
Chevy Colorado
Chevy Silverado
Nissan Frontier 5' Only
Nissan Titan
Unsupported Models: All 8' Beds, Ford Maverick, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Nissan Frontier 6' Bed

Can I customize my camper?

 Absolutely! We take pride and making our campers customizable for your needs.

Please see the "EDC Estimate" page for pricing on available options

Can I leave my bedding inside the camper?

With 5.5 inches of bedding storage you can leave your mattres plus some on top of your bed when closing the camper down!

How much Weight  will it hold?

The bed platform and top can hold up to 600 pounds when stationary.